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The first half of 2016 Chinese fertilizer exports fell by a quarter

2016-07-19 11:42:43
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    According to Chinese customs statistics, in June 2016 China exported all kinds of mineral fertilizers and chemical fertilizers (excluding ammonium chloride, potassium nitrate and organic fertilizer plants and animals) 2.22 million tons, exports amounted to $ 583 million. January to June China's total exports of 11.99 million tons of mineral fertilizers and fertilizer, down 25.6%; total exports amounted to $ 2.993 billion, down 39.8%.
    Factors that affect international agricultural prices are low fertilizer inputs enthusiasm, and the 2016 weather, leading to weak demand is an important factor affecting China's fertilizer exports. Compared with the same period in 2015, the Chinese fertilizer exports to resume after the VAT reduced export competitiveness. 2015 export base year high. From January 2015, China canceled export major fertilizer varieties seasonal seasonal differences in tariffs, unified annual export tariffs, export volume increased rapidly. The first half of 2015, Chinese mineral fertilizers and fertilizer exports 16.12 million tons, export value of 4.975 billion US dollars, the export volume and export value of a record.
    Fertilizer imports, in June 2016 China imported a total of 460,000 tons of various fertilizers, imports amounted to $ 132 million. The first half of 2016, total imports of 4.26 million tons of various fertilizers, down 8.0%; the cumulative amount of 1.364 billion US dollars of imports, down 17.8%. After the new year seaborne imports of potash negotiated supply agreement, China will resume imports of fertilizer monthly growth.