We are the leagest Manufacturer and supplier of Ammonium Nitrate , PPAN and CPAN in china!

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How about product quality?

2014-04-28 18:14:59
Our products are rigorously ammonium nitrate process, but also through the SGS test.
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How many tons of ammonium nitrate a year do you product?

2014-04-28 18:08:34
The annual output is around 1,200,000 tons,ammonium nitrate.
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Do you have your own ammonium nitrate factory?

2014-04-28 17:51:53
San Corporation is backed by well-found and large-scale factory which owns research center
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Are you a qualified export ammonium nitrate?

2014-04-28 17:56:43
San Corporation is the largest leading Ammonium Nitrate exporting corporation in China which was founded in 2002.
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