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Pilbara fertiliser plant ramping up for ammonium production
A plant producing a major component of the product used in mining explosives has begun testing its systems with an eye to begin full production later this year.
Ammonium nitrate is widely used in automotive, explosives, fertilizer field
Up to this point, the agency had been allowing Takata to issue recalls only once a specific inflator part number had failed in lab testing or in the field. Safe...
Ammonium nitrate is administered five types in Tabu
Ammonium nitrate is both containing ammonium and nitrate-containing fast-acting fertilizer into the soil dissolved and half nitrate, ammonium half, can be absor...
Expert: ammonium nitrate or explosion are the real culprit of non metallic sodium
August 18th 20 am, the Tianjin Binhai New Area, the air Bureau of the building, here has been a temporary requisition for the coastal explosion rescue headquart...
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