Where could you buy high quality explosives in china?

San Corporation

       San Corporation is the largest leading Ammonium Nitrate exporting corporation in China which was founded in 2002. San Corporation is backed by well-found and large-scale factory which owns research center, advanced technology equipments, wide production lines and etc. The factory is the biggest base for producing Ammonium Nitrate in China. The annual output is around 120, 0000 tons. Until 2012, the annual output of exporting Ammonium Nitrate is up to 80,000 tons .

     We supply Porous Prilled Ammonium Nitrate (PPAN) .the production of PPAN adopts the technology of KT company of France, and the product is characterized by low content of water, anti-caking, high crushing strength, high oil absorption and high detonation speed of over 3200m/s after being transformed into ammonia-oil by mixing with the fuel oil. In the international market the ammonia nitrate product with sign of KT is one of the products exempt from customs examination.

     The same time we can orffer high quality Chemical Pure Ammonium Nitrate (CPAN).


    Ammonium Nitrate is white prilled crystal, which has strong moisture absorption and agglomeration. It easily explodes under the action of calefaction or detonation agent. And it is easily soluble in water, methanol, acetone and liquid ammonia. It is mainly used in making ammonium nitrate explosives, emulsion explosives, refrigerating agent and nitrogen oxide adsorbing agent, as well as glass industry, medicine and fertilizers etc.


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