We are the largest manufacturer and supplier of Ammonium Nitrate in China.

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San Corporation is the largest leading Ammonium Nitrate exporting corporation in China which was founded in 2002. It is one of few corporations which are approved by the National Defense Department for exporting dangerous goods.Main products:Porous Prilled Ammonium Nitrate,Chemical Pure Ammonium Nitrate ,Calcium Ammonium Nitrate and Urea fertilizer etc.

San Corporation sticks to the development strategy: “Technique creates enterprises, operates steadily.” San Corporation also bases on the optimization of industry structure, considering the technology innovation as the driving force, and make good use of capital operation as leverage to develop sustainably.

San Corporation is the largest leading Ammonium Nitrate manufacturer and supplier corporation in China which was founded in 2002. San Corporation is backed by well-found and large-scale factory which owns research center, advanced technology equipments, wide production lines and etc. The Ammonium Nitrate factory is the biggest base for producing Ammonium Nitrate in China. The annual output is around 1,200,000 tons. Until 2012, the annual output of exporting Ammonium Nitrate is up to 80,000 tons .

About Us


Is ammonium nitrate explosive?

Ammonium nitrate can be used both as an explosive and as a fertilizer. So how should ammonium nitrate be stored? Let's talk about it today.

Strong demand for ammonium nitrate, but safety management needs to be strengthened

The demand for ammonium nitrate is strong, but safety management needs to be strengthened, and hidden dangers of ammonium nitrate shall be investigated in each port

Ammonium nitrate: angel or devil

Since the large-scale production of ammonium nitrate at the beginning of the 20th century, many major and catastrophic safety accidents have occurred, such as the explosion of Auberger plant in Germany in 1921, the explo...

How to deal with ammonium nitrate explosion?

Ammonium nitrate explosion produces a large amount of toxic gases, such as nitrogen-containing gas, nitrogen dioxide, etc. People should be evacuated in a timely manner and protective measures should be taken to clean up...

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