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Ammonium Nitrate manufacturer,factory

San Corporation is the largest leading ammonium Nitrate exporting corporation in China which was founded in 2002. It is one of few corporations which are approved by the National Defense Department for exporting dangerous goods.Main products:Porous Prilled ammonium Nitrate,Chemical Pure Ammonium Nitrate ,Calcium Ammonium Nitrate and Urea fertilizer etc.

San Corporation sticks to the development strategy: “Technique creates enterprises, operates steadily.” San Corporation also bases on the optimization of industry structure, considering the technology innovation as the driving force, and make good use of capital operation as leverage to develop sustainably.

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Largest Ammonium Nitrate manufacturer,factory

As the largest ammonium nitrate manufacturer,factory from China. We supply the best quality Ammonium Nitrate Mining Explosives. The most important ammonium nitrate explosives of PPAN and CPAN are the main products of our factory.San Corporation is the largest leading Ammonium Nitrate manufacturer and supplier corporation in China which was founded in 2002. San Corporation is backed by well-found and large-scale factory which owns research center, advanced technology equipments, wide production lines and etc. The Ammonium Nitrate factory is the biggest base for producing Ammonium Nitrate in China. The annual output is around 1,200,000 tons. Until 2012, the annual output of exporting Ammonium Nitrate is up to 80,000 tons .

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Rreliable ammonium nitrate explosives supplier.

Choosing an ammonium nitrate supplier is a crucial decision that requires careful consideration due to the potential safety risks associated with this chemical. To make an informed decision, you should prioritize safety, quality control, experience, and reputation. The ammonium nitrate supplier should have appropriate safety protocols in place, comply with all relevant regulations, and have a robust quality control program. These are our advantages, you can trust us.

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Ammonium Nitrate manufacturer
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