What is the difference between emulsion explosives and ammonium nitrate explosives?

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Emulsion Explosive emulsion explosive is the use of the role of emulsifier, so that the oxidant salt solution of water droplets, evenly dispersed in the dispersion of bubbles or hollow glass beads and other porous substances in the oil phase continuous medium, the formation of a water-in-water latex Is a new type of industrial explosives developed in the 1970s.
Ammonium nitrate explosives are powdery explosive mechanical mixtures and are one of the most widely used industrial explosives, with moderate power and certain sensitivity. It has a hygroscopicity and agglomeration, moisture after the sensitivity and power significantly reduced, while generating gas. The detonator can be burned under the action of weak external excitation energy (such as mechanical, heat, electricity, light), and can quickly become detonated sensitive explosives. Pure ammonium nitrate is stable at room temperature and is not sensitive to strike, impact or friction. But in high temperature, high pressure and can be oxidized in the presence of substances will explode in the production, storage and use must be strictly in accordance with safety regulations.
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