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Market Research Report of ammonium nitrate explosives

Market Research Report of ammonium nitrate explosives

First, China's explosive industry development


The overall development situation, explosive industry

Explosive industry belongs to the civil explosive industry in chemical industry,

Explosive industry demand

From the basic construction and the upstream raw materials and energy exploitation. Civil explosive industry


Years of production and marketing

Rate has been close to



At the same time as the industry revenue growth,

Total profit growth,

And the increase is greater than the sales growth rate,


Average growth in annual profit rate



This shows that the industry is currently the profit situation is very good, at the same time in the rapid growth of demand situation,

Supply level is not reflected in the expansion of excessive,

With the explosive industry has high entry

There is a close relationship between the policy barriers.

Industrial ammonium nitrate used mainly for industrial explosive production (


Tons of ammonium nitrate explosive consumption is about



, accounting for the total consumption


Above. Explosives for mining and energy

Construction, construction, transportation construction, forestry and water conservancy construction, seismic exploration and other infrastructure construction.


A strong correlation with the investment in fixed assets,

So the industrial ammonium nitrate demand will mainly depend on the

In China's fixed asset investment.

But because of explosive growth rate continues to accelerate,

Ammonium nitrate

Supply and demand is becoming tense,

This is conducive to the ammonium nitrate product prices,

The effect of the explosive Enterprises

Production costs.

At present still exist in our civil explosive industry "small, scattered, low" situation, the small scale of the enterprise,

The number of safe production, the overall level is not high. By


At the end of the year, China



Blasting equipment production enterprise, production capacity of nearly half of explosive in production enterprises



The emulsion explosive, AN-TNT explosive production accounted for the proportion of total output of industrial explosive respectively.





Emulsion explosive has been replaced by AN-TNT explosive become China's industrial explosive

The leading products in the.

With the further development of heavy industrialization in china,

The implementation of the western development strategy in

The revitalization of the old northeast base of investment in fixed assets and the growth will continue to maintain rapid growth,

Explosive industry

Future demand growth rate will exceed



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