How to get safe pure ammonium nitrate

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Researchers have determined that ammonium nitrate explosion in West Texas, fertilizer plant last month sparked an explosion 14 people were killed and about 200 injured many reasons , a spokeswoman for the Texas State Fire Marshal 's office said Tuesday.
Concerned about the pure ammonium nitrate producers.
"Researchers have been able to narrow the origin to the point of contact of fertilizers and seeds , and we know what caused the explosion of ammonium nitrate , " Rachel Moreno , a spokeswoman for the Texas State Fire Marshal 's office said. "We do not know exactly why ."
Ammonium nitrate (NH4NO3) is a colorless, odorless , transparent crystals or white crystals , soluble in water , hygroscopic caking. Heat is easily decomposed ammonium , alkali decomposition case . Is an oxidizing agent , used in fertilizer and chemical raw materials .
Ammonium nitrate is also a dry fertilizer and other fertilizers such as phosphoric acid , and applied to the crop mix to promote economic growth . Under certain conditions it can be flammable and is used in the composition of Oklahoma City bombing in 1995 and the remaining 168 deaths .
Pure ammonium nitrate is a colorless , odorless , transparent crystals or white crystalline small particles , reacts with alkalis ammonia generation. Deliquescence , easy caking. Soluble in water, while endothermic , also soluble in acetone , ammonia , slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether.
Porous Prilled Ammonium Nitrate is extremely insensitive explosives , more insensitive than the safety of explosives c4. An industrial 8 # detonator ( detonating c4 just use 6  on it ) are not sufficient to detonate a mixture of ammonium nitrate sensitizer . Ammonium nitrate is the hardest detonate explosives , impact sensitivity is : 50kg hammer drop height 50cm , 0% explosion. Compared to the famous explosive nitroglycerine 200g hammer , 20cm drop height , 100% sensitivity explosive , ammonium nitrate visible insensitive . Once dissolved in water and ammonium nitrate , detonation sensitivity is greatly reduced , is simply impossible human impact detonated .
Mainly used as fertilizer and industrial and military explosives. Can be used in insecticides , refrigerants, nitrogen oxide absorber, manufactured nitrous oxide , pyrotechnics .
Spot analysis iridium. Oxidants. Catalyst. Refrigerant. Preparation of nitrous oxide ( laughing gas ) . Manufacturing fireworks and explosives. Used as fertilizer in agriculture , about 34% of the total nitrogen content , there are fast-acting fertilizer known. Used extensively for the manufacture of smokeless powder . The chemical industry for the manufacture of nitrous oxide , pharmaceutical vitamin B. E-glass light manufacturing .
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