Countries increasingly strengthened ammonium nitrate production safety work

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Ammonium nitrate production, storage areas dangerous, when subjected to impact or heat, can easily lead to violent decomposition explosion. Ammonium nitrate is included in the list of hazardous chemicals , the implementation of key regulators of chemicals.
    The evening of April 17 explosion occurred in McLennan County , Texas , a fertilizer plant , resulting in 15 deaths , 60 people missing and about 200 people were injured. Preliminary findings are ammonium nitrate stored in the factory led to an explosion. U.S. accident on the safety and production of ammonium nitrate once again sounded the alarm.
    State Administration of Work Safety Secretary Yang Dongliang , Sun Huashan , deputy director of attention, clear requirements : To keep track of the progress of the accident investigation , accident profound lessons learned, learn a lesson.
    May 10 , China Chemical Safety Association in Beijing organized a national forum on work safety in production of ammonium nitrate manufacturing enterprises. State Administration of Work Safety Regulatory three Department, the State Administration of Work Safety Chemical Registration Center , Liuzhou Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. and other 17 major domestic producers of ammonium nitrate and its location 16 provinces innings , China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association , Beijing Institute of Technology other units of more than 50 delegates attended the meeting. The meeting analyzed the major national security risk ammonium nitrate production, storage process exists , participants will learn how our fertilizer plant in Texas lessons from the accident and prevent similar accidents, commented multiple perspectives and in-depth study and discussion.
    According to the Secretary-General of China Nitrogen Fertilizer Industry Association Professional Committee Wang Liqing introduction of ammonia nitrate , ammonium nitrate production capacity of large , market demand, manufacturers are unevenly distributed . North China , Southwest China manufacturers are more concentrated and less northwest and northeast regions . At present , ammonium nitrate prices continued to slump , most companies run on the cost line , poor efficiency , significantly increased the number of inventory , security risks are more prominent. The first quarter of this year , domestic production of 869,000 tons of ammonium nitrate industry , selling 765,000 tons . Inventory 201,000 tons by the end of March , representing an increase of 9%.
    Ammonium nitrate for the current grim situation of production safety , the State Administration of Work Safety Wang Hao regulatory Third Secretary at the meeting on the implementation of water- related precautions ammonium nitrate explicit request , he said:
    To prevent a general safety accidents caused by ammonium nitrate explosion. Enterprises should fully understand the serious consequences of the general production safety accidents may cause spread of ammonium nitrate warehouse . Increase the existing involving ammonium nitrate production , storage, enterprise risk management efforts in the investigation .
    Second, we must strengthen the ammonium nitrate inventory management , and implement safety measures. Enterprises should strictly control inventory, minimize inventory, outside storage warehouse is strictly prohibited . Implement warehouse fire, explosion, intrusion prevention and other security measures.
    Third, we must do a good job , " dangerous chemicals supervision and management of major hazards Interim Provisions" ( General Order No. 40 ) are implemented. Localities to strengthen security risk assessment of major hazard management , all companies must ammonium nitrate quantitative risk assessment of ammonium nitrate libraries. Pay particular attention to the safety distance , storage warehouses , radius of influence . According to the risk matrix , the consequences of high- frequency low risk and low frequencies slightly risky two possible consequences of a serious accident scenarios studied, accident prevention measures and emergency plans .
    Fourth, we need further research to develop enterprise security access conditions for the production of ammonium nitrate . From the device , process design efforts , starting from the nature of the security measures to be considered in terms of process selection , automatic control and a safe distance , to take appropriate measures.
    Fifth, we must carry out a feasibility study with a low risk of product substitution security ammonium nitrate .
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