Convert Potassium Nitrate Into Ammonium Nitrate

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Ammonium nitrate is a salt of the compound from the combination of ammonia and nitrate. It is often used to fertilizer nitrogen loving plant. Its chemical formula is ammonium nitrate.

Ammonium nitrate is a salt of the compound from the combination of ammonia and nitrate. It is often used to fertilizer nitrogen loving plant. Its chemical formula is ammonium nitrate. It is made clear crystals and no smell. In addition to the benefit of gardening, ammonium nitrate is used to help a variety of pyrotechnics, and solid rocket fuel. It can also be used fortitanium. In the heat of the existence is highly flammable, combustible material such as oxidation, so in the preparation and use of importanthealth care.

You may need these:

138grams sodium bisulfate

300 ml water

additional water(separated)


1.Mix the sodium bisulfate in just enough water to dissolve it completely, which should be about 300 ml at the most.

2.Mix the potassium nitrate in as little water as necessary to fully dissolve it.

3. Combine the sodium bisulfate and potassium nitrate.

4. Add ammonia gradually until a pH of just above 7 is reached. This is the neutral point between acids and bases on the pH spectrum. You can add a little at a time and use pH strips to periodically check the pH, or you can leave a pH meter in the solution and watch the pH as you pour.

5. Remove the sodium bisulfate by boiling the mixture until you begin to see salts settle out of the mixture.

6. Freeze the compound overnight to further purge the solution of sodium bisulfate. Strain out the crystals with a coffee filter, reserving the liquid.

7. Let the liquid evaporate over several days to crystallize the ammonium nitrate.

8. Purify the ammonium nitrate further by adding 500 ml of methanol. Filter the solution again through coffee filters.

9. Allow the liquid to evaporate, again over several days. The remaining salt is ammonium nitrate.


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