Ammonium nitrate liquid fertilizer in the world is developing rapidly

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U.S. liquid fertilizer in the future development of the eighties and nineties very quickly, by 2010, accounting for 31% of the entire liquid manure fertilizers, including NPK, there is little potash liquid fertilizer, primarily nitrogen and phosphorus


U.S. liquid fertilizer in the future development of the eighties and nineties very quickly, by 2010, accounting for 31% of the entire liquid manure fertilizers, including NPK, there is little potash liquid fertilizer, primarily nitrogen and phosphorus, especially ammonia, many liquid ammonia is also used as a fertilizer, but also accounted for a certain proportion. In terms of nitrogen fertilizer, the greater the proportion of liquid nitrogen fertilizer accounts for 60% of the amount used, the ratio of urea ammonium nitrate accounted for 30% of the entire amount of about 11.3 million tons of nitrogen, 30%, almost at 400 million tons, our national water-soluble fertilizer to the area to 8,000 hectares in 2018, perhaps the development of up to 500 tons. In addition, 26% ammonia, urea, urea ammonium nitrate has been lower than the ratio. From the world is concerned, Germany and Argentina are also developing very rapidly, but also in developing countries, Argentina, from 2005-2006, the growth rate reached 19%, mainly due to what is it? 
First, with the farm becomes larger, the demand for a rapid increase in the liquid fertilizer; 
Second, ease of administration, suitable mechanization; 
Third, to reduce volatilization of nitrogen, and can adapt to various conditions. 
Why urea ammonium nitrate liquid fertilizer in the United States and other countries to develop so rapidly it? Fertilizer efficiency is mainly urea ammonium nitrate for volatile amine urea significantly lower losses, greatly increasing the crop yield of urea is urea ammonium nitrate and urea ammonium nitrate formulated in different proportions, the production, the tank can be either type production, the urea and ammonium nitrate dissolved in water directly, but more importantly can be continuously produced, continuous production can be seen from some of the tips, 85% ammonium nitrate solution and 75% urea solution, generated by physical stirrer , we are familiar with the urea production process, so that when ammonia or carbon monoxide in the synthesis of urea initial urea concentration of the solution is how much? 72% evaporated twice and then generate urea, directly to 72% if the solution is directly used for the production of urea, urea ammonium nitrate, then the majority of the urea production process, reduces energy consumption and production cost of the whole, which is just Professor Chen Qing are talking about how to be able to put a water-soluble fertilizer prices down, get the applicable field crops, of course, we do not rely on cheap fight, the key is to reduce the production cost, production cost of urea ammonium nitrate, urea and nitric acid than actually ammonium even lower cost. 
As can be seen from the price, the price of urea ammonium nitrate and ammonium nitrate basically is lower than urea, urea ammonium nitrate, which is why the reasons for the rapid development can the United States as the main varieties of nitrogen fertilizer use. Urea ammonium nitrate prices and two ammonia price difference is not very far. Stagnation in the United States is not based on liquid fertilizer, as just mentioned Chen Ching teacher, we do not require each fertilizer ingredients are very fully in the development process of the liquid fertilizer, mainly on plant nutrition conditioner through regulate the metabolism of plants, including photosynthesis, and so to increase production efficiency and effectiveness of nitrogen and phosphorus, such as nitrogen synergist is by promoting metabolism of plants, which have sulfur, zinc, manganese, magnesium, such elements can improve crop photosynthesis and promote the effectiveness of nitrogen in plants by promoting metabolism of plants, to add a small amount of synergist can serve to reduce or increase nitrogen use efficiency of nitrogen effects. 
About sulfur, ammonium sulfate solution to a large extent the main use, and a variety of liquid fertilizer mixed use, both urease and nitrification inhibitors function. Increase the role of the reduction can be achieved, such as nitrogen synergists, to reduce nitrate to 64gal 80 gal urea nitrate, the yield is higher than 80 gal of ammonium nitrate, the role of yield reductions can be achieved. Slow release fertilizer to promote our country, as long as proper fertilization, as long as we can reasonably applying fertilizers, liquid fertilizers also increase fertilizer can play a role in the effectiveness and increase production. 
For liquid fertilizer, liquid fertilizer United States accounted for 29% of the basic phosphate, ammonium polyphosphate, 27%, liquid diammonium phosphate, a 10% ammonium phosphate, 2%. Ammonium polyphosphate may be formulated into various NPKS liquid fertilizer. Most importantly, what is it? The most important is the ability of ammonium polyphosphate liquid fertilizer to accommodate higher levels of trace elements. 
About liquid fertilizer, liquid fertilizer in calcareous land better than solid fertilizer effect, not in the soil immediately fixed soil, liquid than solid phosphate fertilizer in calcareous soils move large, fixed by the soil less. Liquid fertilizer phosphorus use for less than. Five urea ammonium nitrate and ammonium polyphosphate solution was formulated NPK, urea ammonium nitrate / ammonium polyphosphate liquid non-both very common use in many parts of the extensive, easy to use, safe, flexible, and advantages of the use of energy mixed with other ingredients and pesticides. 
Liquid fertilizer can also generate slow-release fertilizer, the United States develop the best solution called POM, synthesized from urea, formaldehyde, ammonia, why do not we product diversification development? Urea, formaldehyde, ammonia synthesis. Compared with urea-formaldehyde urea concentration increased in the leaf. Degradation of the volatilization of ammonia, but also reduces the use of nitrogen in the soil, so improving the efficiency of nitrogen fertilizer. 
Zinc liquid NPK complex fertilizers, liquid fertilizers zinc sulfate to do, it is easy and calcium carbonate precipitation, etc., in the United States, first of zinc sulfate is not directly applied to the liquid fertilizer, the first of zinc sulfate and ammonia formulated as a high concentration of ammoniated zinc sulfate, zinc sulfate greatly facilitated solubility, reducing the temperature of liquid fertilizer diluted salt, it does not matter in the general region, in the north, if the temperature is too low, it can be dissolved in water salinity Chen down. Zinc sulfate plus a high concentration of ammonia formulated into ammoniated zinc sulfate solution, ammonium polyphosphate and urea ammonium nitrate used in mixed into zinc-rich NP / NPH liquid fertilizer. For the trace element is concerned, most of the trace elements can easily be fixed in the middle of the soil soil, which is the main reason for many crops lack of trace elements, if effectively made ​​the micronutrient fertilizer liquid fertilizer, especially the right shape, so will greatly increase the effectiveness and increase efficiency of trace elements. Liquid fertilizer increased zinc fertilizer effect. Zinc diffusion and distribution of the liquid manure in the soil is much larger than the solid zinc sulphate fertilizer, we increase the effectiveness of the crop. 
Physical and chemical characteristics of liquid fertilizer, easy to use, flexible recipe; efficient, wide adaptability; favor of continuous fertilization, bar facilities, applicator; figure shows the fertilizer station photos, recipes easier, completely controlled by computer; precise fertilizer, uniform, either through the cylinder to control the flow of fertilizers, can control the flow of Britain in every wrong; liquid fertilizer use and flexible, adapt to a wide and diverse diversified farming operation. Fertilization for large mechanized farms, with land transfers, increasing farm, a fertilizer is a fertilizer station, you can choose a different fertilizer formulations based on different agricultural crops. Easy to use, flexible and able to adjust to local conditions and methods of use and dosage formulations, fertilizer station itself is to serve simultaneously as a few farmers will be the recipe along with the request for the same sowing seed fertilizer, seed and fertilizer, fertilizer, and so on. For zinc fertilizer is concerned, the effect of irrigation and fertilization is much higher than soil application and foliar spray.
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