Ammonium Nitrate is very important

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Ammonium Nitrate

Ammonium Nitrate


After you have used a compound fertiliser when you plant or transplant, your crop will be off to a good start. It will now need proper nutrition for the development stage. This is when the crop requires nitrogen for its development.


You can also apply AN in tobacco as a top dressing as well.

The benefits of using AN in your crop

  • Increase yield as it gives a boost in the developmental stage
  • Highly soluble - can even be applied through drip systems
  • Highly soluble - ensures quick uptake by the plant
    AN has high levels of Nitrogen

Nitrogen is an essential nutrient for healthy vegetative growth which ensures hastened maturity and a high yield.

How to apply AN
AN can be applied in various ways on your crop. The application rate will depend on the crop.

  • Broadcasting for wheat and barley
  • Per plant station for maize/corn
  • Band application for beans

You can use Ammonium Nitrate (AN) as a top dressing in:

  • Cereals - wheat, barley, maize/corn, sorghum
  • Horticulture - tomatoes, potatoes, brassicas
  • Flowers

 Application rates
It is recommended that you apply AN at 300kg/hectare but this can vary slightly from crop to crop.

For that desired high yield make sure that you give your crop the right amount of compound fertiliser at planting or transplanting. Then give it the right application of AN during the vegetative stage. Your crop will thrive and will give you a high yield.

The rate of application will also depend on soil analysis results and any nutrient requirements arising out of the analysis results.

Always manage your crop through its various stages with the right fertilisers.

Ensure a high yield with your crop - use Ammonium Nitrate to ensure good vegetative development.

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